MonoGluceosis is diabetes management software. I started it because I didnt like how my pump, my meter and my CGMS all had their own software, and there was no way for me to see the data from all those devices together in one report. Also there software runs only on windows, and I wanted something cross platform.

MonoGluceosis is split into two simple parts: Input and Analize. Input allows you to input data from your devices (meters, pumps, cgms), files, or other sources. See the Input page for devices currently supported. Analize lets you create reports from this data (as pdf files). See the Analize page for types reports you can currently create.

The software uses a plugin archetecture to make it as simple as possible for other developers to get there devices to work with the software, and create their own reports. We are always looking to support more devices. Look at the Help page to see other ways you can, and see the Plans page for our future plans or to suggest you own ideas.

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